our mission

Heritage Liturgical is a sacred art atelier formed by Enzo Selvaggi to serve the Priesthood and private clients, by appointment.

We create sacred art with intentionality and purpose to express and communicate the presence of the Divine in our midst.

To infuse space with aesthetic value and spiritual meaning, we integrate the grammar of traditional artistry with modern energy and techniques.

Heritage Liturgical is proudly based in the United States of America, and is an approved Liturgical Design firm in the Diocese of Orange, home of Christ Cathedral.


our designer
enzo selvaggi
principal, heritage liturgical

American-born, Enzo Selvaggi grew up in Italy, and continued his university education in the Tuscan hills, where his connection to art and architecture blossomed.

Working with many architects and builders who valued his taste, unique expertise, and ability to faithfully translate the client’s dream into design, Selvaggi tapped into his traditional European education and founded Heritage Design Group.

The Heritage mission is to weave ancient canons of composition into the breadth of contemporary styles and techniques, to provide an authentic product for discerning clients.

Since 2008, Enzo Selvaggi leads Heritage’s team of designers, artists, and craftsmen to curate and deliver singular, compelling works of art. Since 2013, he has concentrated on liturgical design as a liturgical art curator.

Selvaggi heads projects as Art Director, or as a consultant to Architects and Builders.

Selvaggi’s specialization and unique competence in the fields of Liturgical Design, Art Direction, and Art Brokerage bring his artistic reach beyond sacred art and liturgical projects, notably into monumental and civic art, exquisite residential design, and other projects for which authenticity is vital.

Heritage gained national recognition for the renovation of Saint John Chrysostom in Inglewood, begun in 2015. In 2016, Heritage composed the official image of the National Black Catholic Congress in Orlando, Florida. Sacred vestments designed by Enzo Selvaggi were described as “ideal” by the Liturgical Arts Journal in 2018.

Through acclaimed murals, award-winning mosaics, exquisite hand-carved statuary, authentic french paneling, decorative finishes and effects, and fine art both new and antique, the projects curated by Selvaggi deliver legible design which is aesthetically valuable, dynamically sacral in nature.

Today, Selvaggi leads art direction for major new construction projects in Southern California, the Pacific Coast, and the Mid-West. Private chapels and shrines worldwide are currently being designed and furnished by Heritage Liturgical by Enzo Selvaggi, with major unveilings in 2020 and 2021.